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Zoom in on sustainable entrepreneurs in Oneworld, Dutch magazine

"At 14, I first went to Africa and I fell in love with this continent. Unfortunately, pollution is a huge problem there. As a consultant, I worked for several organizations, including Kenya and South Africa. I found that projects with a business logic were the most effective.

We would like to open a plastic recycling business in Cameroon that would produce high quality plastic for international trade. Plastic itself does not have much value that's why making this project profitable is a challenge.

The plastic that we are going to use is harvested, in large part, along the roads. A stable and honest salary provides plastic harvesters with financial security. However, we want to stimulate people by paying them by the kilo.

In order to start this project, we need to raise funds for the machines and working capital. It isn't easy to find because we are too big for micro financing and too small for investment companies. But we are certain that we will make the streets of Cameroon prettier in the coming months."

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