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NAMé recycling is the realization of a dream from two young entrepreneurs – Roblain Namegni & Thomas Poelmans. Their dream became reality in 2016 when they started operations in Limbé, Cameroon. Their aspiration is to see reduced poverty and a healthier environment. Plastic pollution has been a big challenge throughout Africa.  Since plastic does not decay even after hundreds of years, all the waste adds to the stockpile of the already existing plastic that is being strewn around. NAMé Recycling’s aim is to reduce the amount of waste by recycling and reintroducing these materials into the value chain, contributing to a circular economy. 

Another challenge that is common in Africa is unemployment. NAMé Recycling would like to do its part to contribute to this challenge by making the unemployed part of the recycling process. Today, NAMé Recycling counts on individual waste pickers to collect plastic on the streets and households. In return for their collection of plastic, they receive an incentive from NAMé Recycling. With this process, NAMé Recycling tries to involve the most vulnerable in Cameroonian society and help them in taking the first steps towards a brighter future.

Currently, the company runs on processes that are in alignment with international standards. With such high standards, the finished product coming out of the plant is of such quality that it can directly used for the production process of new plastic products. With this recycling process in place, the founders hope to see better handling of plastic waste and to close the material loop. In 2015, the company was awarded the “Enterprise Without Borders” prize for its vision of having a social, sustainable and realistic business model.


In the long run, NAMe would want to set up facilities in the whole of Africa, with the same set of vision, systems and processes. All of this in regard to one goal, to do their part in a bright future for Africa.

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