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Sorting and Washing


Extrusion - PET Straps


Based on a lean process, NAMé Recycling provides effective and efficient collection and recycling services to ensure a more sustainable future for the communities we serve. NAMé Recycling aims to provide a country wide solution for plastic waste, operating as a profitable sustainable business in the West-African region, generating broad environmental and social impacts and operating according to internationally recognised standards.

Plastic waste is collected by independent pickers from individual households, from the street and from municipal collection centers. NAMé collection bins are scattered throughout the city for easy collection. Upon delivery to NAMé, the quantities are paid for in cash based on the weight and the quality of waste.

The waste is then sorted into PET, HDPE and LDPE plastics. It is necessary to separate every plastic item according to its type so that it can be treated accordingly.

Once the sorting has been done, the plastic waste needs to be washed thoroughly to remove impurities such as labels, adhesives, fluids, sand, dust and dirt. This is to enhance the quality of the finished product.

After washing the waste, it is loaded onto conveyor belts and led to shredders where the plastics are reduced to flakes. The shredders tear up the plastic into small flakes, preparing them for recycling into other products.

These flakes are then exported to various international markets especially in Europe to be transformed into various new plastic products. Thus completing the material loop from bottle to bottle.


NAMé Recycling SA

Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre 17

1020 Brussels


BE 0648.670.870

+32 499 163157

NAMé Recycling SARL

PO Box 1181

Cité Sonara




+237 6 94 01 10 87 (Douala Factory & Admin)
+237 6 90 70 17 25 (Yaoundé Factory)

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