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Recycling center in Limbé: Implementation and start of collection

NAMé Recycling offices opened their doors in March 2016. They are located not far from downtown Limbe. The facade of the offices is distinguished by its green color which symbolizes the belonging of NAMé to the green revolution of Cameroon.

Location of the offices allows the company to be close to the population, and thus to be able to offer the possibility of becoming collector easily. Proximity and accessibility are very important factors for a project like NAMé. Indeed, the company must be close to its people in order to make it understand its presence and its mission.

When the project started, the population and local authorities had difficulties in assimilating the interest of the project. Awareness campaigns were then carried out in order to obtain the support of the latter. These campaigns were aimed both at explaining who is NAMé, why the company exists, what its objectives are, but also to highlight the dangers of plastic pollution. The texts of environmental laws have also represented substantial support for the credibility of the awareness campaign.

Since its opening NAMé employs 20 peoples. These employees are represented by 4 managers with higher education but mainly by 16 manual employees who support an average of 12 tons of plastic per month.

The people supported by the company are equally represented at the level of the gender distribution. Women take care of the sorting while men take care of the collections. During these collections, men are equipped with equipment that offer an important visibility of the action of NAMé in Limbe.

With its job offers, NAMé allows people in difficulty to get a chance to build a healthy and respectful life for them and their families. It is on this idea that the social objective of NAMé is based.

The company works on two axes. A "business to business" axis with a collection program for companies and a business to consumer axis with a collection program for households. After his victory at the "Business without borders" competition in the Netherlands, NAMé recycling is now the PET Bottles collector for the 2016 African Cup of Nations.

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