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NAMé visits producers of recycling lines

NAMé Recycling's technical advisor, Wim Hardeman, went to visit several producers of recycling lines in light of NAMé Recycling's expansion plans. Following his most recent visit, I asked him some questions.

What is the role of a recycling line producer?

The producer produces the machines that make part of the production line. Next to that, he has a key role in advising on the design and quality of the product, as you don't simply buy a product but a specific solution for a specific situation.

What were your impressions when you visited the producers ?

My impressions were very good. I have visited a number of producers and we have chosen the present producer because of the quality of their services and their competitive offer. But also because they advise us very well in our search for machines.

What is important in selecting a recycling line?

The line must be able to recycle the quantity and the kind of plastic required. The maintenance must be easy to do. The consumption of the machines and the engine must be observed. Monitoring should be easy. For that, we had to make every checkpoint are accessible. Moreover, the consumption of water and energy must be affordable so as not to increase production costs.

What are the prospects of these producers with NAMé Recycling?

NAMé is a young and promising company. A machine producer is always interested in a customer who will for sure come back. NAMé has already ordered 2 automatic recycling lines and several other equipment. By March 2017 we expect to place a third order.

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