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NAMé Recycling obtains an environmental license for the collection, sorting, storage and treatment o

On the 24th of August 2015, "NAMé recycling" obtained an environmental license from the Cameroon Ministry of Environment, Nature and Sustainable Development. This license has an impact on the collection, the sorting and the treatment of non-toxic waste as plastics

Since 2012, an environmental decree has been put in place in order to frame waste management conditions. This decree grants competence for the collection and storage of non-toxic waste to local collectivities through an environmental license.

To obtain this license, every applicant has a plan that defines a strategy about the collection, the sorting, the storage and the treatment of waste. This plan also meets the requirements of the national regulation regarding waste treatment.

For "NAMé recycling", obtaining this license means a recognition and legitimacy to act in its sector of intervention. Moreover, this license insists on the responsibility of companies facing post-consumer management of plastic.

Finally, the concept of "environmental license" is extended all over the world. Obtaining this license gives an international recognition and empowerment to "NAMé recycling".

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